First Public Release of CANDELOR

First Public Release of CANDELOR

We are very proud to announce our first public release of CANDELOR. You can now get it here. It comes as a standard windows installer that we have tested on Windows XP and Windows 7. If you are familiar with the API of the ReconstructMe SDK you will feel right at home – usage is highly similar. Also data structures like matrix and point data have the same memory layout so they can be used interchangeable.

The most prominent features of this release is an algorithm called RANGO. This stands for RANdomized Grid based Objectlocalization. This is a 3D object localization algorithm that is highly robust and scalable from very fast detection rates to slower but very accurate detection. It can make full use of all available processors.

The downloadable version allows to evaluate the full feature set of the library. The only technical limitation is that it is limited to 50 calls of the API. Other than that, everything works exactly as the full version. After 50 calls, the API will return an error code. This is enough to give the whole functionality of CANDELOR a throughout examination.

When you are happy with the results that you can get, upgrading to the full version is very easy. It basically involves two steps on your side:

  1. Purchase a license
  2. Connect a dongle to the PC.

That’s it. Once the dongle is connected and you start your program, the full version of CANDELOR will automatically unlock. This allows unlimited calls to the API on the PC where CANDELOR is running.