CANDELOR now comes with a graphical user interface to test and automatically configure the matching algorithm. Give it a try!

  • Complex Object Localization

    Complex Object Localization

    CANDELOR excells at recognition of complex objects, supporting high detection rates even with occlusion or noise in the sensor data.

  • ReconstructMe Global Tracking

    ReconstructMe Global Tracking

    ReconstructMe makes use of CANDELOR's fast localization for more robust scans, and to enable several new features.

  • Robust against Noise

    Robust against Noise

    CANDELOR's algorithm are highly robust against noisy data. This particular screenshot features the localization of a small cone in a large pointcloud with over...

  • Bin Picking with CANDELOR

    Bin Picking with CANDELOR

    IRobFeeder is an industrial bin picking application that makes use of CANDELOR. It is being used in multiple mission critical environments.

  • Localizing Bulk Material

    Localizing Bulk Material

    CANDELOR's object localization algorithm RANGO is used to detect a cylindrical object in a scan of about 150,000 3D points. CANDELOR has correctly...