API Reference Documentation is Online

API Reference Documentation is Online

We have now put the API reference documentation online.
Together with the newest release, you can now brows the API documentation online:

It comes with a little tutorial that gives a step by step introduction on how CANDELOR is used and how to integrate it into your application:

  1. Getting Started — Setting up & compiling with CANDELOR.
  2. One-Minute Example — A basic “Hello World” with CANDELOR.
  3. Configuration and Visualization — Modifies parameters and visualizes matching results.
  4. Automatic Configuration Generation — Uses automatic tuning to generate configuration for an STL model.
  5. Manually Tuning Configuration — How to manually tune matching configuration.

Once you have finished the tutorial, that should take about 10 minutes to half an hour, you will be able to integrate and configure CANDELOR to your use case.

In case you need additional support, feel free to contact us! In case you are looking for a complete solution instead of a do-it-yourself API, we are very open to developing a fully customized solution with you.

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